Prof. Andreas Diacon
CEO/Principal Investigator
Prof. Andreas Diacon is the CEO of TASK Applied Science. He is a consultant in Internal Medicine, Pulmonology and Intensive Care at Tygerberg Hospital, as well as Professor at Stellenbosch University, and the Principal Investigator for Clinical Trials at the DST/NRF Centre of Excellence for Biomedical TB Research. His main research interests are laboratory techniques and clinical methods for the evaluation of novel anti-tuberculosis agents and regimens. /
Norma Hughes
Mrs Hughes is in charge of the operational management for our sites. She has an extensive laboratory background and many years of experience in clinical trials in various fields.
Dr Florian von Groote-Bidlingmaier
Dr von Groote-Bidlingmaier is a specialist physician in Internal Medicine and Pulmonology. He is responsible for the MDR-TB trials at Brooklyn Chest Hospital. /
Jaco Swart
Mr Swart oversees finances and data management.
Melissa Mitchell
Ms Mitchell oversees the company’s business architecture, including strategy implementation and human resources.
Dr Mischka Moodley
Lead Research Scientist
Dr Mischka Moodley is a medical doctor who has specialised in Pathology (Medical Microbiology), She holds a PhD and MMed from the University of Cape Town as well as an MBChB summa cum laude from the University of Natal.
Dr Veronique De Jager
Medical Doctor
Dr de Jager is a general medical practitioner. She has experience in HIV medicine and she has a keen interest in TB & HIV research.
Dr Ramonde Patientia
Medical Doctor
Dr Patientia is a general physician. She has been with TASK from the outset and has participated in all TB trials that TASK has performed.
Dr Madeleine Hanekom
Medical Doctor
Dr Hanekom is a physician with a keen interest in molecular biology of TB.
Dr Naadira Vanker
Dr Vanker has experience in clinical trials and laboratory medicine.
Dr Sven Friedrich
Dr Friedrich is a senior researcher at the DST/NRF Centre of Excellence for Biomedical TB Research. His scientific background lies in cellular biology, immunology and microbiology. The focus of his recent investigations is novel methodologies of TB diagnostics.
Dr Elana Van Brakel
Medical Doctor
Dr Van Brakel qualified at Stellenbosch University. She is a sub-investigator based at TASK Central.
Dr Erlandy Basson
Medical Doctor
Dr Basson is a general practitioner, qualified at Stellenbosch University, with experience practicing medicine in a 1st world country in addition to experience gained in the South African 3rd world setting. Currently working as a sub-investigator at TASK central.
Dr Kyla Comins
Medical Doctor
Dr Comins graduated from UKZN in 2011 and has worked in Cape Town since. She has worked in a variety of fields but is particularly interested in infectious diseases. She started at TASK in September 2015.
Dr Lize Greyling
Medical Doctor
Dr Lize Greyling is a general medical practitioner. She has a diploma and experience in HIV medicine. She is a sub-investigator based at Brooklyn Chest TASK.
Dr Caryn Upton
Medical Doctor
Dr Nikita White
Medical Doctor
Dr Anastacia Tomson
Carmen Kleinhans
Site Coordinator
Delft Community Health Centre
Michelle Eriksson
Site Coordinator
Brooklyn Chest Hospital
Silvia Nunes
Site Coordinator
Task Clinical Research Centre
Alida Van Deventer
Site Coordinator
TASK Central
Maggie Kennedy
Site Coordinator
Mfuleni Community Health Centre
Karen Cloete
Quality Assurance
Mrs Cloete is a former Senior Clinical Research Associate of an International CRO company and has experience in various studies in clinical trials. She is responsible for internal quality assurance.
Duncan McDonald
Marketing & Communications Manager
Mr. McDonald manages TASK Applied Science’s brand and marketing strategy. He oversees the company’s public and internal communication.
Werner Ackerman
IT Manager
Mr Ackerman is responsible for the implementation and maintenance for all the IT matters.
Cedric Festus
Logistics Coordinator
Mr Festus keeps everything going and works closely with all the TASK drivers.
Tshepo Kabutu
Communications Officer
Mr Kabutu Administers the website, social media marketing. develop communication strategies and liaisons with the media.
Vela Mhlola
Community Engagement Officer
Mr Mhlola works closely with the Community Advisory Board, ensures good relations between academic research and basic community needs.
Rene Kitshoff
Pharmacist of Record
Mrs Kitshoff manages the pharmaceutical services delivered by TASK's registered Pharmacy to our sites and clients.
Marthalize Van De Westhuizen
Liason Officer
Mrs Van De Westhuizen liasons with various community healthcare centres across cape town and facilitates outreaches and local community campaigns.