Soccer Kits for Africa (Initiative with Switzerland)

Nathalie Diacon has started an initiative to collect old and used soccer team kits from amateur swiss soccer Nathalie first kits Sep 2013 CHclubs. Nathalie plays soccer herself and has dedicated time in her gap year for this initiative. She plans to distribute the kits to South African Township Clubs as well as the Support TB Research League teams in Delft and Mfuleni, who cannot afford to buy their own kits.

She saw a need for this initiative during her minor league schedule which took her and her team to games all across the city, which included townships. “I have seen how the soccer clubs are uplifting poor communities by promoting life skills such as discipline, organisation, regular practice, and teaching team work in a safe and stable environment. Many children play soccer regularly, and I believe that growing up playing a team sport can contribute to building this society”, says Nathalie.

She received a good response on this initiative, so good; that she could no longer afford to send all the donations to South Africa by post. At first she sent 40kg of material which exhausted her transport budget. But this time around she has at least 200kg more to ship, all packed in cardboard boxes of 5-10 kg weight. This will require her to get a sponsor in order for the material to get to South Africa. “A team spirit is hard to keep up if there are no team kits that meet minimum league requirements.” She said.

TASK is supporting the distribution of the kits in South Africa. However, there is still sponsorships needed for transporting the kits from Europe to TASK.

To be a part of this great initiative. please contact TASK Admin office click here

The Team

Project Manager: Ms Nathalie Diacon

  • Switzerland team
  • Equipment donors
  • South African Team
-Mrs M Rieser, Zurich -Family Zurcher,Davos 
SV Hongg, FC Amiriswell, FC Wettswil/Bonstetten, FC Uster, SC Binningen, SV Lyss, SC Dornach, FC Wangen, FC Bern, SC Buochs, FC Schotz, SV Muttenz
TAsk Applied Science NPO( Website hosting, distribution support) and Swiss Social Club


Delft WIFI

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TASK is one of the Main Sponsors for the DELFT PUBLIC WIFI Project.

On the 10th of October 2014 this project was launched by Home of Compassion at a formal ceremony held at the Zoe Incubation Centre in Eindhoven, Delft. This signified the completion of the Public WiFi deployment in Delft and is the first step in the roll-out of the Public WiFi project which has been widely reported on the media.

TASK Conducts TB research in the area and engages with the community to bring TB awareness, thus this project will work well because the community will be able to be more informed by retrieving relevant information online.

The project aims to make affordable, low cost broadband and limited free Internet services available to most of the Delft Community by installing and managing WiFi hotspots in and around several main sites in Delft. The network was developed to reach as much of the community as possible, with 25 main sites centred around the schools in the community. Browse our Coverage Map for an overview of the project coverage areas.

Many Delft citizens are already able to connect to the “DELFT FREE WiFi” access point in their coverage area with their WiFi enabled devices. This community wide hotspot provides citizens with a limited daily allocation of free internet. Each device is allowed to use 50 MB per day for any online activity, whether it is to connect via social media, browse the web, send emails, or use mobile chat applications, such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, BBM, and others.

In addition, the system will also allow unlimited browsing of a selection of online government services. as well as online public educational services, Categories include “Finding your Dream Job”, Training & Educational, Government Information and many more. Users would not require data to be able to access the list of free sites, and should the device only be used for non-data intensive tasks like Whatsapp, or other messengers, then the allocated data should be sufficient to provide connectivity all day long.

Should a user run out of free data, then additional data can be purchased in the form of data vouchers. These data vouchers can be purchased online or from a variety of participating vendors in Delft, who earn a commission on sold vouchers sold.

The public WiFi pilot project is available at the following schools and public areas in Delft:

   Public WiFi Hotspot areas       How many people will be reached (estimated)   
  1.       Leiden primary      +/- 4000  
  2.       Roosendaal High     +/- 4000  
  3.       Delft Primary     +/- 4000  
  4.       The Hague Primary     +/- 4000  
  5.       Simunye High     +/- 4000  
  6.       Sunray Primary     +/- 4000  
  7.       Masonwabe Primary     +/- 4000  
  8.       Zoe Incubation Centre     +/- 4000  
  9.       Delft South Primary     +/- 4000  
  10.    Roosendal Primary     +/- 4000  
  11.    Voorbrug High     +/- 4000  
  12.    Eindhoven Primary     +/- 4000  
  13.    Vergenoegd Primary     +/- 4000  
  14.    Keiros Primary     +/- 4000  
  15.    Leiden Avenue Primary     +/- 4000  
  16.    Masibambisane     +/- 4000  
  17. N2 Gateway Primary     +/- 4000  
  18.   Abedare Primary     +/- 4000  
  19.   Hindle High     +/- 4000  
  20. Hindle Primary     +/- 4000  
  21.   Welwitchia Primary     +/- 4000  
  22.   Spar – Delft South     +/- 4000  
  23.   Poproos Crescent, Rosendal     +/- 4000  
  24.   28780 Tulipway– N2 Gateway     +/- 4000  
  25. 277 Delft Main Road     +/- 4000