Community Engagement & Outreach

TASK’s Community Engagement Team’s various activities ensure community participation in clinical research and ultimately assists in approved new drug regimens being widely known and adopted by those who need them.

We establish strategies to engage trial participants and their communities.

One of these strategies is to support Community Advisory Board (CAB) structures.

These structures create a bridge between researchers and the community.

This relationship creates opportunity for community input into trial implementation and by the Clinical Research Organization (CRO) having knowledge and understanding into community perceptions and concerns, they can address them in the research process and facilitate smoother implementation of clinical programs.

TASK Community Engagement is headed up by Tshepo Kabutu.

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The Netherlands and South-Africa take hands in UMC Utrecht and TASK collaboration agreement

University Medical Centre Utrecht and TASK Research International B.V. formally signed their collaboration agreement at a recent meeting in The Netherlands. Prof Arno Hoes, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at UMC Utrecht, and Prof Andreas Diacon, Founder and Chairman of TASK, were delighted to discuss the prospects of the phase 1 clinical trial collaboration. […]

Launch of UNITE4TB partnership marks a new era in Tuberculosis treatment development

The partnership will accelerate the development of new Tuberculosis (TB) drug regimens as part of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), a public-private European Research & Development Consortium 15 July 2021, Cape Town, South Africa. To advance anti-tuberculosis (TB) science and enable the progression of new, safe, and affordable treatment solutions for TB patients worldwide, a […]

SA GCP Third edition: What you need to know

Let’s talk clinical trials – a TASK Academy series – article #5 –   SA GCP THIRD EDITION 2020 IS HERE -WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW   Why do we have guidelines? What triggered the start of the guidelines? Is SA GCP the only guideline to follow? What is the difference between ICH GCP and […]

WATCH: CAB Research Literacy Training.

TASK CAB had their quarterly Research Literacy Training at Sivivana centre. The workshop covered the following topics: TB in Adults and Children, Following up on Defaulting TB Patients, COVID 19 and TB descriptions, Community’s perspective on research.

10 Clinical Trial Myths Debunked

Let’s talk clinical trials – a TASK Academy series – article #4 – Having various search engines at our fingertips and information constantly being fed to us, whether asked for or not, is part of the technological world we live in. So how do you determine whether the information you receive is fact or fake? […]

Kids in Action

“TB is a major threat to the rights of children, adolescents and their families. Its potentially negative impact on the survival, growth and development of our mandated populations is, without question, extremely grave” Andre Roberfroid – deputy executive director UNICEF. This project was launched in 2010 and used the art created by the children residing […]

School Outreach Program

TASK along with the Community Advisor Board visit schools to bring TB awareness, Educate learners on research and career choices in clinical research.

Soccer Kits for Africa

TASK is supporting the distribution of the kits in South Africa.

TB Drug Development (GATB)

Community Engagement is a project supported by the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (GATB). Through our Community Engagement program, TASK works with people affected by TB to empower them with knowledge and skills to promote open communication and participation in the TB drug research conducted in their communities and to ensure new treatments meet […]

Let’s talk clinical trials – a TASK Academy series – #3

In my previous post I tackled the reasoning behind why we refer to a doctor working in clinical trials as an “investigator”. Today I want to try and explain how working as a clinical investigator in trials is different to working as a doctor / physician / general practitioner. How is being an investigator different to being […]