Since its inception in 2005, TASK has grown exponentially and diversified into six distinct independent clinical research sites; a mycobacteriology bio-safety level 3 laboratory; a phase I clinical trial hospital with 24 beds; two registered dispensing clinical trial pharmacies; a data management centre; regulatory, quality control and compliance office (TASK HQ) and a clinical research training academy. The academy offers accredited training in clinical trial methodology nationally and internationally.

Established by professor of physiology and principal specialist in pulmonology, Andreas Diacon, TASK has been instrumental in availing much needed novel anti-tuberculosis (TB) drugs to patients that desperately need them.

Over the last 16 years TASK has completed several projects of global significance and contributed to progressing the scientific field of TB drug and vaccine development. These projects included studies for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of TB, most notably early bactericidal activity (EBA) studies which determine the activity of novel compounds in a 14 day period.

Below are some highlights of this journey.