TASK Staff Newsletter April 2019

TASK was mentioned in the Mail and Guardian

“Finding the sweet spot between the correct dosage for patients while limiting the side effects is the next step in research, says Caryn Upton, who works at Cape Town’s Task Applied Science clinical research centre on the trial. ”

“We must keep developing new drugs; we mustn’t be happy now that we have a few ones that work.” Andreas Diacon




So each month you can post or email a question for the CEO, I’ll ask him (anonymously if needed) and we will publish the Q&A here.

Queston 1: “Why is TASK Eden separate from TASK and how does the relationship work between the two work?

Andreas: The two entities have been set up as separate businesses but they are under the same ownership. TASK Eden does not yet have active studies. Once TASK Eden is established I hope that the entities can collaborate on projects.

Question 2: Dear Prof, Why is it that only certain people grow  (advance in the organisation)

Especially people that work so hard and then lazy ones get promoted?

P.S No name

Andreas: I am sorry that you feel this way and I understand that you can not be more specific here. Marilyn from the HR office will listen to you in confidence – please make an appointment and speak openly about what bothers you.

Question 3: “What is the financial situation of the company? Are we still in trouble? How have things changed since you last offered us feedback?”
Andreas: No, we are not in trouble. Our financial director Jaco Swart will be presenting regular updates at Friday meetings. It is high on our priority list to provide increases and restore working hours based on study requirements. We hope to provide increases in first half of 2019 but this depends on the progress of various projects.
Question 4: “What will happen to TASK if another situation with SAHPRA occurs and no new trials are approved?”
Prof: SAHPRA is the only government body that can approve research studies and new products in South Africa. If SAHPRA stopped operations altogether there would be no new projects starting until this activity is resumed. TASK has more than 20 active projects and this will keep us going for a while, albeit we will take financial strain. If no solution is found there will eventually not be any clinical trials ongoing in the country. We can only hope that such a collapse will not occur.
Have a question? Pop in the box at reception at your site or mail me: duncan@task.org.za

Meeting Miss SA Tamaryn Green

Recently Duncan attended a TB Advocacy event hosted by Shawco health at UCT. He had the privilege to meet reigning Miss SA Tamaryn Green and introduce her to TASK. She expressed interest in working with TASK, particularly in TB advocacy and outreach in Cape Town.  


World TB Day

Various events took place on and around World TB Day. TASK staff participated in a community outreach program with the Delft CAB. Pictured here are team members and CAB raising awareness at the Delft Day Clinic.

World TB Day

TASK was privileged to be invited to present at the recent Spotlight forum on TB prevention. Pictured here is Dr Elana Van Brakel addressing an audience of local and national stakeholders in TB prevention and treatment.
Some of the distinguished presenters included Yulene Kock from the Department of Health, Dr Arne von Delft from TB Proof and Dr Judy Caldwell from the City of Cape Town.
The intent of the meeting was to come to a common understanding of current prevention efforts and to identify ways in which TB preventions can be improved.

Spotlight, administered by Section27, is an online publication monitoring South Africa’s response to TB and HIV, the state of SA’s health systems and the people that use it and keep it going.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 11.19.56 AM

TASK features and finishes this year's Absa Cape Epic

Team TASK took part and completed this year’s #AbsaCapeEpic.

TASK CEO Prof Andreas Diacon and Alvin Hirner rode the the grueling 8 day event. This year’s Epic riders traversed 630 kilometers and climbed over 16 650 meters.

TASK presents at Fundisa academy

TASK’s finance director Jaco Swart was invited to present on ‘applying for clinical research grants’ at the Fundisa African Academy of Medicines Development for the Clinical Investigator Certification Course.

The Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) recently visited TASK

The Technology and Innovation Agency (TIA) recently visited TASK. This to gain a broader understanding of what we do and where they could assist us as a government agency.

Flu Vaccine

It’s that time of year again, be sure to contact your site coordinator to book your flu shot.

Thank you for reading our newsletter. 

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