TASK Newsletter | March


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Greetings from CEO

Dear all

A difficult year comes to an end. For the first time in more than a decade we are ending a year with fewer staff than with we started. Many factors beyond our control can influence the start, progress and completion of projects, and thus the number of patient visits we can accomplish. We are working on finding more stable funding sources that can compensate for the ups and downs of study work.

I would like to thank all that contributed to bridging this gap by reducing expenditure, working shorter hours, taking unpaid leave, or helping by other means. It looks like next year will be busier so we can hopefully return to full capacity soon.

I wish you all a happy festive season. Keep safe.

Prof Andreas Diacon


As the year draws to an end, we would like to thank each and every one of our staff members for a job well done, under the most trying of circumstances. Your commitment, dedication and hard work brings hope for the future. As we all celebrate the holiday season, we should still be compelled to count our blessings and be thankful. We remember those who will be working during this time and those who cannot celebrate with us.

We wish you and all your family the gift of love, friendship and good health. Take care and stay safe. May you all have a Blessed Christmas and a better 2019.



Dear TASK team, this past year has been a challenging one to say the least. Compounding effects of strikes, SAHPRA approval challenges and delays in studies put us in a predicament that forced us to take drastic measures.

This we did not undertake lightly and ultimately because of this, we saw our core leadership team change and had to say goodbye to colleagues and friends.

However, the year was not all bad. We acquired new sponsors and trials and further developed existing relationships in our different areas of focus. Notable mentions include us moving in to our new headquarters in Parow and TASK Eden opening in George. I think what we can take from 2018 is that we are not infallible, we must continue to innovate and grow, as individuals and as an organisation.

Wishing you and your family the very best over the festive season break and hoping that the year that lies ahead of us is a prosperous and for fulling one.