TASK Newsletter | July

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We welcome new Rocketeers


  • Chaldene Johannes
    Laboratory Technologist
    1 August 2018
  • Chantal  Botha
    Laboratory Technologist
    1 August 2018

  • Melissa Blomeyer
    Medical Doctor / Sub Investigator

    1 August 2018                                                  
  • Sugandran Thambiran
    Laboratory Technologist / Junior Scientist
    20 August 2018

  • Cornelius Lombard
    Clinical Database Programmer
    TASK HQ / Home Based
    1 August 2018

Community News

World TB Day 2021

24 March, Cape Town Recently, TASK wanted to raise awareness about the global health challenge that is tuberculosis.We collaborated with Bridges For Music students and wrote a song about TB, that encourages everyone to work together and continue to bring better, faster and affordable TB treatment to the global community, with an aim to eventually #ENDTB. […]

Sisonke trial roll out at Paarl Provincial Hospital

Today saw a TASK team partner with an excellent Paarl Provincial Hospital team led by CEO François van der Watt, rolling out day two of the Sisonke vaccine trial at the Western Cape healthcare facility.  The Western Cape (WC) Health MEC Nomafrench Mbombo, and Executive Mayor of Drakenstein Municipality, Councillor Conrad Poole, inspected a hive of activity as qualifying […]

BioVersys, TASK and GSK receive 2.7 million Euro from EDCTP for Phase 2a Clinical Trial


Sisonke vaccine roll out at Karl Bremer Hospital, Cape Town

TASK is pleased to be part of Sisonke, the first phase of COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout to health workers initiated by national government. South Africa secured the single dose Johnson & Johnson (JnJ) vaccine for use in the Sisonke (‘Together’) programme. This vaccine will be rolled out to up to 500,000 healthcare workers starting in 18 […]

Schools Outreach Program kicks starts #WorldTBMonth.

On the 26th of February, TASK visited Mfuleni High School to kick start the Schools Outreach Program as the start of World TB Month, this leading up to #WORLDTBDAY. TB awareness and TB research were the main topics discussed with the learners. TB forms part of the Life Orientation syllabus and teachers are always happy […]

WORLD AIDS Day commemoration 2019

????The day started with a Commemoration programme at Delft CHC. Talks by HIV & AIDS Activists, Health Professionals before a moment of silence and a candlelight ceremony to remember those who have passed on because of AIDS. ???? The second part was to get into the community and encourage them to know their status and […]

The first CoBNeST Conference – Interdisciplinary Scientific Excellence”

The conference, titled “Interdisciplinary Scientific Excellence”, will serve as a platform for a number of independent learned societies with shared interests in basic, translational and clinical biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences in South Africa, including the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APSSA), the Physiology Society of Southern Africa (PSSA), the South African Association for Laboratory Animal Science [...]

Introduction to counselling training

On Friday 29 June 2018,our Task recruiters had an introduction to counselling training. It covered the following: Worldview and Attitude Self-Awareness Effective Listening skills Counselling Skills Ethics Counselling in Context This is normally a 3 day training that were done in 1 day. The recruiters really enjoyed it and I hope they can apply this [...]

TASK Team at Manzomthombo High School | Career Expo

A TASK staff team recently visited the learners at Manzomthombo High School for a career expo day. TASK put together a team of various professionals from within the company to come and not only share with the learners on what one needs to do in order to work in the industry but to also encourage [...]

TASK Laboratory moving into the new premises

The laboratory team has moved into their new premises in Parow. The team is excited to use the new P3 labs and other facilities in the building. The laboratory floor is furnished with offices, media lab, microscopy, pharmacy room and a canteen for team recoup. The staff feel good about their new home and they [...]



Eugenie's Farewell at BCH

I joined TASK in 2012, when I didn’t know much about research, but was eager to learn, and happy to be employed at my advanced years!!

I was presented with an empty room and asked to establish a pharmacy, learn my way around the computer, do a G.C.P. course etc. etc. All very interesting and fun.

My first trial at TASK Brooklyn was the Otsuka trial. My pharmacy was a cupboard and I dispensed on a large table in what is now the nurses office. It was quite challenging and my thoughts turned to an actual room in which I could work.

I requested one and was given half of a garage which we converted into a small pharmacy. A big step up!!

Over time this was enlarged to occupy the whole garage. Another step up!! I was now doing the Otsuka and Opti-Q trials at Brooklyn, and then going to Bellville to do the very laborious Astra Zeneca trial. Then HAPPINESS in early 2013 Christelle, a pharmacist’s assistant arrived. She proved to be a lot more than an assisstant and knew a lot about how a trial pharmacy should operate. I learned at her feet and soon the pharmacy was first class.

Then a new pharmacist, Rene joined in Bellville and I continued at Brooklyn.

Then Ezanda arrived and our pharmacy was registered, another milestone!

Then at the end of 2017 the pharmacy was greatly enlarged and we moved into it in December.

Now Nicola is the Responsible pharmacist, and I will sadly leave at the end of July.

So that is my journey from a cupboard to palaltial pharmacy.

So thank you to everyone who taught me so much and so enriched my “retirement”

Good-bye and God bless.

Eugenie Gordon-Graham Pharmacist



Delft Clinic Community Centre & the Community Advisory Board (CAB) celebrated Mandela Day with elderly people from Delft, encouraging people to visit the clinic and educating them about airborne diseases.

A Car Guard's Lunch

After the #67minutes of care our lab team recently undertook at the Parow clinic, there was some food left over and Alta from the lab saw the need to go give the car guards at the local Spar parking something to eat for lunch. We just happened to catch this good deed on camera.

TB Alliance


TB Alliance – Community Engagement Fellowship program recently visited Madibeng Research Site in Brits.

The purpose of the fellowship was to bring communities together and establish learning programmes through activities that improves the society’s knowledge about TB Research and other health issues concerning clinical trials. Community Advisory Boards members came together to highlight and discuss challenges that the communities are facing and mostly how the communities view research.

Wineland's nurses visit TCRC


TB room sisters and facility managers from the Winelands district are excited for their site visit to TASK Clinical Research Centre in Bellville.

The purpose of their visit is to view the facilities first hand and learn more about processes that take place in research.

Dr Justine Fargher from MSF visits TASK


Dr Justine Fargher from MSF in Khayelitsha visited TASK to talk about the activities MSF is undertaking in the community.

Their scope of work spans everything from HIV and drug resistant TB to women’s health and substance abuse.

Women's Day


TASK joined the City of Cape town at the Wesbank Multipurpose Centre for Women’s Day Celebrations.


The 9th of August is Women’s Day and the month of August is National Women’s Month. This is an opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements and the important role that all women have played and continue to play in South African society.


Educational videos uploaded


So due to the may requests we field for quality educational video content, we have scoured the internet and found these:


The online you – Part two


So last month I shared with you some websites that you as a parent should be aware of – you can recap here: http://task.org.za/task-newsletter-June/

This month, I wanted you to be one video smarter and be able to answer this online question:

What are cookies?

And no, not the ones we bake and eat. The ones almost every website is now asking you to accept before continuing to browse.

With POPI and the GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation – a new privacy-related regulation active and enforceable since May 2018 and driven by the European Union) both very current topics, I’d thought I’d share a concise video with you describing what they are and what they do:

Further info can be found here: