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Dear all,

This is my last contribution to the Director’s corner on my last official day as an employee of TASK. It is time to say goodbye! I have to say goodbye to you because for me it is time for a change after 8 years. Change is good and it is necessary but change is also scary and creates anxiety. As much as I think routine is a good thing, I don’t necessarily believe in comfort zones. Nothing exciting happens in comfort zones as they say and we have all been pulled out of our comfort zones recently. TASK is changing but TASK has always been changing and often change leads to something exciting, hopefully this time, too. My former boss in Germany always said “Work doesn’t have to be fun all the time” and he was right. It should be fun most of the time though. For me work at TASK was fun most of the time. I sincerely hope that when things have settled, everyone of you will be okay and work will be fun again most of the time for you, too.

If it wasn’t for the great team, my job would not have been half as good and I want to thank all of you. Those who I only briefly met or didn’t even meet personally, those who I got to know better or really well and those of you who have become friends over the years. I won’t have the opportunity to say goodbye to every single one of you but I want to say thank you to those who have shown their appreciation on my last day at the office a month ago. That meant a lot.

Wherever I will go, Cape Town is my second, if not my first home and I will be coming back for sure. I hope to see at least some of you again in the future. I wish all of you all the best!

Thank you, baie dankie, enkosi!


Community News


SUN - CTU Gala Dinner

The SUN-CTU Gala Dinner was a great way to celebrate and honor the work that all Community Advisory Board members have done this year.  FAMCRU, TASK and DTTC were present.

The Gift of Giving with Dr Kyla and TASK Team

In October, being breast cancer awareness month, Dr Kyla organised that we spend a Friday morning packing pamper packs for Project Flamingo, a charity providing catch-up surgeries to reduce the waiting time for patients at Groote Schuur and Tygerberg Hospitals, for women diagnosed with breast cancer. These pamper packs will be delivered to the women on the day they receive their diagnosis, and remind them that they’re cared for.


Community Outreach at Parow Community Health Centre

TASK recently hosted an outreach with Parow Clinic. The community members had an opportunity to be screened for TB and HIV.  They also attended a Health Talk inside the clinic.

The Netherlands and South-Africa take hands in UMC Utrecht and TASK collaboration agreement

University Medical Centre Utrecht and TASK Research International B.V. formally signed their collaboration agreement at a recent meeting in The Netherlands. Prof Arno Hoes, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at UMC Utrecht, and Prof Andreas Diacon, Founder and Chairman of TASK, were delighted to discuss the prospects of the phase 1 clinical trial collaboration. […]