TASK Staff Newsletter – November 2019

In this newsletter:

  • TASK involved and noticed in the local community
  • Making international news
  • Organisational structure updates from the CEO
  • New executive appointment

Local news

  • Regulatory and Quality team members Lauren Philips and Shanel Linde (circled in blue in photo) recently attended the first DART (DAIDS Applied Research Training) training in Johannesburg in Sep 2019.


  • TASK and the Mfuleni Community Advisory Board hosted an outreach in Mfuleni Township to raise awareness about clinical research. Global Vision of Hope joined in to perform TB screenings and HIV tests, more info can be found here.


  • TASK was nominated at the Tygerberg Community Awards for “Most valuable NGO 2019”. Pictured here is Tshepo Kabutu, TASK’s Community Engagement Officer with Cape Town Mayor Mr Dan Plato.
Screenshot 2019-11-12 at 12.27.00

TASK CEO interviewed on ETV

On Thursday the 7th of November TASK Founder and CEO Andreas Diacon was interviewed on South African national television about the recent trial results pertaining to a potential new TB vaccine

New York Times article and official GSK press release WRT new TB Vaccine:

TASK CEO nominated for prestigious award

Andreas was recently nominated for the Christine Pierre Lifetime Achievement Award which is being presented on Wednesday the 20th of November at Clinical Trials Europe in Barcelona.

Now in its 5th year, the award celebrates the ground-breaking work and contributions of individuals across the field of clinical trials who are making a positive difference to the industry.

Previous award winners include: 2018 – Christine Pierre, President and Founder of the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) 2017 – Dr Greg Koski, Chariman, Co-Founder & President / Chief Executive Officer, ACRES, and Associate Professor of Anesthesia, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA 2016 – Jean Edwards Procurement Director, Europe, Australia & Japan, Eli Lilly 2015 – Professor Ken Getz, Director and Associate Professor at CSDD, Tufts University School of Medicine If you would like a bit more information about Clinical Trials Europe taking place on 19-21 November in Barcelona, please visit the website.

Andreas Diacon

Updates from the CEO:


Andreas presented the new TASK organisational structure on Friday morning. This will be applied from 1 January 2020. For queries or comments make contact with him, or pop your feedback in the boxes at the sites provided.


Also Johann De Bruyn joins the team from Monday the 18th of November as the Chief Finance Officer (CFO):


Johann is a Chartered Accountant and is currently busy completing his MBA through Bradford university in the UK. He has had finance and general management roles in various industries, the latest being as General Manager for the Africa region of an international relocations company. He is married to Michelle and they have two sons, Philip who is 12 and Jandrè who is 8. In his spare time, Johann enjoys mountain biking, reading and watching any Marvel or Star Wars movies.

Please make him feel welcome.





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